Look Out Love Announces Brand New EP 'Oh Boy' Out 9/1!

Today, Look Out Love has announced a brand new EP, Oh Boy, a collection of indie-rock classic styles tackling the effects that love has on one another and the ups and downs that it can bring in life. Look Out Love is proud to reveal this 4-track EP on September 1, 2015. Jordan Benker had this to add:

"If there was a way to sum up what the future of Look Out Love holds, it would be the Oh Boy EP. These 4 songs all have a certain raw and real persona, and each track stands out with their own unique Look Out Love quirks. The range of emotions felt on the record spans a pretty large scale, and it's only a plus that each song will make you want to dance."

Today, fans can pre-order Oh Boy (HERE) with an automatic download of the track "Once." "Once" is a song about deceit and the acceptance of being alone. Benker classifies the track as reminding him of "an 80's high school dance, but kind of quirky." As a huge fans of 80's music, Benker tried to encapsulate the feeling of that era while still keeping the song fresh with today's current vibe.

Fans can keep up with all things Look Out Love at LookOutLove.com.

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