The Casual Premieres "Egg Nog" (ft. Rick Armellino of This or the Apocalypse)

The Casual has teamed up with for the exclusive premiere of their debut single "Egg Nog." from their forthcoming EP, Lust, which releases 8/18/15. The Casual is entering the spotlight with a unique sound that blends pop, electro, hip-hop, rock, and even latin as a self-proclaimed "amalgamation." "Egg Nog" is an upbeat yet sassy tune featuring Rick Armellino from This or the Apocalypse. Here is what singer Zach Anderson had to say about the track and the meaning behind it's unique title:

"One day I was kind of just sick of keeping my words to myself.  There was so much that I wanted to say to so many people that I knew I realistically couldn't without being berated.   So, I let off some steam by writing this song.  It touches on a lot of really sensitive subjects that I feel strongly about.  The song title is 'Egg Nog' because, I wrote it in December a few years ago.  As I was saving it, I was drinking egg nog so, I named it 'Egg Nog'.  I think it's oddly fitting." - Zach Anderson

Fans can head over to to stream "Egg Nog" today, and be on the lookout for a lyric video soon. The Casual will be releasing more songs and a music video before Lust debuts on 8/18. Follow The Casual on social media for future updates and more! 

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