Julia Nunes Releases New Single "Something Bad"

Last year, Julia Nunes traded her Brooklyn boy problems for love in Los Angeles and wrote about 80 songs in the process.

She just revealed the first single entitled “Something Bad,” off her highly-anticipated record, Some Feelings - out September 25th.

FUSE refers to the track as “anthemic”, and fans can pick up the track digitally on iTunes HERE when they pre-order the full album

 If you met Julia today, you'd probably never know the girl that kills it in crop tops and a cat eye on the regular was once a nerd who posted some songs on the internet and became freakishly good at it. You can't be too surprised, though – her playful personality made her the ultimate-BFF-you've-always-wanted from YouTube. Ben Folds - along with millions of others - took notice. Her first paid gig was opening  for Folds on a tour in 2008. Now 26 - she’s toured with A Great Big World, played Bonnaroo twice (where she jumped in on Weezer’s set) and performed on Conan. 

Some Feelings is a big leap from the head-bobbing, sing-into-the-mirror music that her fans are used to–in fact, this new record has full blown dance songs with intricate, unexpected rhythms and voicings. At the heart of it though, Julia’s writing, as always, is grippingly honest, “This album chronicles my realizations about how shitty I let my life get,” explains Nunes in a recent interview with FUSE. “I didn't feel good about myself, constantly seeking the approval of people who didn't get me. I was angry all the time and I couldn't figure out why. There are songs about how I almost stayed and how I almost let it happen again. I was so comfortable feeling uncomfortable that I couldn't fathom a better option. I thought I was just very easy going but it turns out I was numb and I didn't know what I wanted. There are songs about looking back in horror, and looking forward with hope. You also get to hear me fall in love again which is dope.”

Some Feelings was produced by Joanna Katcher at Nice Manners in LA. On the horizon are music videos, acoustic sessions, collaborations with some special guests, and a fully acoustic version of the album. For more information on Julia Nunes, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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