Jaeger Wells Releases New Video For "What It Feels Like"

Singer/songwriter Jaeger Wells is gearing up to release his new EP featuring a more fully rounded sound. With the help of Vic Chan and the support of a full band, Jaeger's lighthearted acoustic songs now have a punchy rock undertone. "What It Feels Like," Jaeger's debut single from this project, perfectly showcases his knack for channeling heavy subject matter into upbeat and positive tunes. "I initially wrote the song about one of my friends believing their significant other was cheating on them - however I think it grew into something more than that," says the songwriter. "It is about paranoia and the ever surmounting fear of anxiety that the worst is always just around the corner." The video was filmed in a secluded and stunningly beautiful location, allowing for Jaeger and his band to personify being alone with your thoughts. Watch it below

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