Dear You Release "I Can Only Blame Myself" Music Video

Dear You is thrilled to be back with a brand new music video for "I Can Only Blame Myself" off of their exhilarating EP I Can Only Blame Myself release late 2014. The band partnered with VENTS to unveil the new video, fans can watch it below

 The track was born from an idea of people constantly changing, drifting apart, and going their separate ways. The idea is to never take things for granted and always appreciate what is in front of you because one day it may be gone. With a similar style to The Wonder Years, Dear You tackles the heavy subject with ease. The reoccurring line in the chorus that says "Will you still be around when I'm older?" refers to exactly how things change, and it goes on to say "What colors would you splash on all the gray and blacks that I offer?" which to the band means 'that sometimes life just gets really bland and dull, and all of the relationships and happiness in your life, all of that color, comes from the things you share with the people you love.'

In addition to the exhilarating new track and video, the trio has had quite the year. With a killer performance at South By So What?! and a notable EP, the band is thrilled to be releasing this new song track. "Castles," their opening hit single was released after the band went through a triumphant battle of losing a member. They carried on as a 3-piece and decided nothing would ever stand in their way of making music. The band has a show tremendous efforts over the last year and it will be exciting to see their next adventure.

October 14th, 2014 Dear You released their highly talked about new EP I Can Only Blame Myself. The EP was a major change for the band as they emerged with a new lineup, signed to Third String Records, and matured in their lyricism and tone, factors which make Dear You so addictive. I Can Only Blame Myself made itself a career high for the band, breaking through the top 75 on the alternative iTunes chart during its' first week of sales. 

You can buy I Can Only Blame Myself on iTunes here

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