Cataline Releases New Single "To Be Alive"

LA-based indie/pop outfit CATALINE have debuted their new single “To Be Alive,” the first track revealed from their upcoming EP Turing Test, out on 11/6. Surviving the Golden Age refers to the track as “a synth pop jam” with “arena rock possibilities.”

Cataline is the brain child of Chicago native Brent Puls, a producer, musician, and artist whose eclectic career has given him a diverse palette. After pursuing a degree in conceptual sculpture, Puls dropped out of graduate school to pursue his first love of music, and has developed insanely diverse tastes – working as a hip hop producer, a singer/songwriter with an impressive list of co-write credits, a recording engineer, and a multi-instrumentalist in a number of diverse projects. After a near-death experience in 2013, Puls relocated to Los Angeles in an effort to create a project that makes him feel “alive.”

Though written, recorded, produced and largely performed by Brent Puls at his home studio in Mt. Washington, Turing Test features a wide array of veteran Los Angeles musicians. Puls reflects on the experience, saying, “Being relatively new in town, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I’d go to a show and see a band with a killer bassist and I’d think - that’s exactly the feel that I need on the song I’m tracking. So after the show I’d just find them and ask them to come over and play. Los Angeles is a gold mine.”

For more information on Cataline, be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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