Hope Vista Releases New Single "Dominance"

Creating a blend between 90's pop classics and Joan Jett, Hope Vista brings an Alt Rock flare, with (in her own words) a splash of popgrungehurricane. Be prepared for some mega sass in her forthcoming single (out today), "Dominance," which can be streamed here. 

This Avril Lavigne loving, female power-driven singer/songwriter entered the studio this summer with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount who did the Vocal Production and Mixing. The track was Written by Hope Vista.

"I wrote 'Dominance' about the intensity of being physically attracted to someone, and how sometimes that can be both overwhelming and empowering. You can feel your heart racing, your body sometimes shake and your stomach does flips. But at the same time that makes you feel confident, strong, and ready to move forward with those feelings. 'Dominance' highlights both sides of attraction."

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