EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Listen to Nicholas Crown's New Amsterdam EP

The Prelude Press is excited to bring you Nicholas Crown's new EP, New Amsterdam. Serving as an ode to his hometown of New York, the six song EP is full of soul, love and and a timeless grittiness that is impossible not to enjoy. 

Crown had this to say about the release:

"This record deals with hope for love, the electrical pulses under the feet of everyone in a city, as small and forlorn as Kingston, in upstate New York, the inspiration for the opening track, to the dizzying halogen of Manhattan. I tried to rationalize the impossibly of New York City in New Amsterdam, while exhaling into the canals of Amsterdam, or walking aimlessly around a lost lover's childhood street. "Burn" is as close to a war chant as I've written, a protectorate plea for New York the way I remembered it as a kid, "If you want to burn the village, you've got to get though me first." The past and present always exist simultaneously. The record was a way to escape the gravity of concrete and glass and mirrored my own escape to Europe. You have to leave, sometimes--her, him, the town you always loved, still spray-painted with yearning and sticky with childhood crayon--to write the way you want."

Listen to New Amsterdam below, and stay connected with Nicholas Crown: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Nicholas Crown is a cityscape. He left New York in 2013 to write and record demos abroad. The shower stall in Madrid, hallway in Krakow, and bedroom in Rome tapes would frame his eventual debut, “New Amsterdam” in 2015. This release paved way for live performances with his band at home in New York at Pianos, The Delancey, Arlene’s Grocery, and Bowery Electric as well as stints in London pubs, smoky basements in Madrid, New Orleans dive bars, and unruly youth hostels in Buenos Aires. He has topped Soundcloud’s New and Emerging List twice. His “lovesick tales of Manhattan” stick to your boots like freshly laid asphalt.

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