Rare Futures Launch "The Pressure" Stop-Motion Music Video

From a deep desire to create something new and bold from a myriad of past experiences comes Rare Futures - the groove rock band fronted by Matt Fazzi (ex Taking Back Sunday, Atlas Genius). The group, formerly known as Happy Body Slow Brain, began as a side-project attempting to combine Fazzi's love of heavy rock rhythm, Motown soul, and 80's synthesizers but soon evolved into something with even greater purpose.  After years of diligence and planning, the stars have aligned and the time is finally right for the band to unveil their new album, This Is Your Brain On Love, due out March 25th. The debut single from the project, "The Pressure," appropriately focuses on persisting through adversity in a radically innovative fashion.

This celestial voyage begins with the otherworldly burden of safeguarding an entire planet. As Fazzi croons "I won't say I don't feel the pressure," our protagonist embarks on a life changing expedition full of tremendous obstacles and fantastically detailed adversaries. The engaging video brilliantly compliments the song's crescendos and it's so well done that it's almost hard to believe it's completely DIY. Fazzi and director Justin Burgos crafted the story based on climactic moments in the music, with Burgos working for over a year to bring this extraordinary narrative to life using recycled materials. Today, Rare Futures are revealing this exceptional cinematic venture exclusively through Nerdist. Watch here: http://nerdist.com/rare-futures-stop-motion-video-the-pressure-premiere/

Pre-Order This Is Your Brain On Love Here - rarefuturesmusic.com

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