PREMIERE: OhBree Stream New Single, "Manfish"

Philadelphia nine-piece, OhBree is gearing up to release their Feed Me Poison EP on March 11th. In anticipation for the upcoming release, the band is premiering their new single and opening track on the EP, "Manfish" with The Prelude Press! "Manfish" explores the incredibly wide spectrum of OhBree's sound, from wild and poppy to strange and humorous, making it the perfect introduction to the band for any new listeners. Listen to the song below! 

"Manfish started out as a goofy guitar riff and in the process of making it more musical it turned into one of our most garage-y sounding tracks. As for the lyrics, I've always loved writing stories about ridiculous nonsensical characters who have a point to make," says vocalist/keyboardist Andrew Scott. "We hopped into the studio to record about 20 demos and the four tracks on Feed Me Poison jumped out as their own corner of the set. Over the 10-11 minute span of the EP we try to cram our most thoughtful horn/guitar/vocal arrangements into songs about fish, confusion, ghosts, and love in the time of space travel."

Pick up OhBree's new EP, Feed Me Poison on March 11th and stay up to date with the band on facebook:

Album artwork by Kate Otte

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