Whosah Releases "Forget About It" with Creative Moving Picture Video

The rising Minnesota indie-pop outfit, Whosah recently announced the release of their sophomore EP Work, set for 3/11/16 and shared their creative "moving picture" video for the EP's lead single "Ghost Town." Today, the band has teamed up with Music Times for the exclusive premiere of "Forget About It," an uplifting feel-good number that makes getting up to dance seem virtually irresistible. View the video here. Here is what the band had to say about the track and its accompanying moving picture video:

"The 'Forget About It' video is a take on the verses, 'there's no top to this mountain If I'm focused on the climbing.' The video focuses on us climbing, but not going anywhere....We wrote 'Forget About It' partially to ourselves, and to anyone who's ever felt like they're stuck in that cycle. This song is about realizing that success is not the point and the grind is not the point; that real life is available for us to find joy in, right where we are right now." - Spencer Grimes

Produced by Nashville's Chase Coy, the EP's first single "Ghost Town" was released in November of 2015. Whosah's sound has historically been characterized by dense layers of backing tracks, this new project spearheads the band's effort toward recreating and expanding upon those studio layers with live instruments. Work sets out to take this synth-pop expression a step further by visually interpreting as many elements off the record as possible right in front of the audience. 

Head to Music Times today to check out Whosah's latest track, "Forget About It" from their sophomore EP Work [out 3/11/16].Pre-order the EP here. Follow Whosah on social media for new music, updates, tour dates, and more.


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