Facing New York Releases New Single, "Big Rev"

Facing New York Releases New Single, "Big Rev"


Alternative rock trio Facing New York - featuring Eric Frederic on vocals/guitar (aka multi-platinum, GRAMMY-nominated producer/songwriter/artist Ricky Reed), Brandon Canchola on bass and Omar Cuellar on drums - have released "Big Rev," the latest song off their long-awaited new album Dogtown, due out December 14th. Listen to the hard-hitting track now below.

"Big Rev" captures Eric's elation at the news of his wife's pregnancy with twins over a thick groove and bombastic bounce. He croons, "Two hearts are beating inside you. My heart better get bigger too." And as Eric explained to Pure Grain Audio, "'Big Rev' was one of the first instrumentals we made for the album dating back almost a decade. It was not going on the album because I could never quite find the song that fit the music...then my world exploded. I found out we were pregnant with twins. Obviously we were overjoyed to learn that our daughter was going to have two little buddies to hang with, but then the weight started to settle in. There was some real fear and insecurity I had to grapple with. Still grappling with. And even though my wife was already dealing with the long, long list of challenges that come with pregnancy and motherhood, SHE was the one to lift ME up. This song is a long rambling way of saying thank you to the women we love."

Dogtown is Facing New York's first album in 10 years (via Nice Life Recording Company) and fourth overall. The nine-track collection includes the previously released songs "Gods of the Good Shit", "Hail Mary" and title track "Dogtown". Full track listing is below. 

To celebrate its release, Facing New York will perform two special album release shows in California: Wednesday, December 12th at The Hi Hat in Los Angeles(PRESS HERE for tickets) and Friday, December 14th at Bottom of the Hill inSan Francisco (PRESS HERE for tickets). A vinyl Dogtown album and Facing New York t-shirt is included with every ticket purchased.

Eric, Brandon and Omar have a brotherhood and friendship that has endured from their beginnings together in the Bay Area. Dogtown affirms the enduring nature of their chemistry. Formed in 2004, the group emerged as a cult favorite in the Northern California scene as they delivered three progressively charged alternative rock releases: Swimming Not Treading [2004], Facing New York [2005] and Get Hot [2008], which drew praise from Stereogum, Alternative Press, AV Club and more. They even built an international following by touring throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. Then, life happened throughout the ensuing decade with ups, downs, trials, tribulations, weddings, deaths, births, and all manner of change, which inspired and informed the music.

Facing New York brings airtight songwriting and direct lyricism to tried-and-true rock tradition. Drawing from a swath of influences that encompasses everything from Soundgarden, The Jesus Lizard, and Yes to Talk Talk, Failure and Shudder To Think, they bring their own distinct and dynamic vibe. The album title Dogtown refers to a neighborhood in West Oakland that is undergoing upheaval, turn over and gentrification. It's a place where Eric, Brandon and Omar have all spent a lot of their lives. The feel of a gnarly, grisly transformation of a neighborhood is present in the music, a metaphor for all of the change that has transpired in their own lives.


1. Dogtown

2. Big Rev

3. Gods of the Good Shit

4. Hail Mary

5. Birth of Venus

6. Trouble

7. Shame

8. Heaven is High Hell is Low

9. Your Love

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