Sub City Songs That Saved My Life Grant Awarded to Find My Anchor

Sub City Songs That Saved My Life Grant Awarded to Find My Anchor

Hopeless Records, along with their non-profit arm, Sub City, is thrilled to announce Ali Borowsky as the winner of the Sub City Songs That Saved My Life grant, which will benefit her nonprofit organization, Find Your Anchor - a grassroots movement aimed at suicide prevention, awareness and education. 

The premise behind the nonprofit is that each person needs an anchor.  They encourage people to "Establish an anchor - a dependable, stable, secure base that you can hold on to, one that keeps you firmly planted, no matter what winds or storms may come." Ali discusses the organization's history and her hopes for the future of Find Your Anchor here:

The physical form of Find Your Anchor is a small blue box packed with various materials designed to inspire, soothe and offer support. These boxes are then planted in public places (the library, the Vegas strip, etc.) to be found by those in need; specifically, those close to suicide in one way or another. The boxes are intended to be organic in the sense that each person can add to the box their own inspiration and anchors before passing it along. The boxes are meant to feel curated and even kismet, and can be ordered on-demand on the Find Your Anchor website for someone who needs them. Borowsky has already shipped over 500 boxes across the globe. 

Learn more about Find Your Anchor at 

Last year, Cassie Wilson, who began Half Access, took home the $10,000 grant. is a non-profit organization and serves as a database for detailed information on venues' accessibility and accommodations for disabled concert-goers. They aim to help fans be as prepared as possible for shows, and uses their database to work with venues on improving accessibility for all concert attendees. 

Speaking to the concept of Find Your Anchor, Ali said, "Find Your Anchor is that reason to fight. It's 52+ Reasons to Live when you can't even think of one. It's that list of resources in your pocket, reminding you there are people all over the country waiting to listen. It's a reminder that you're not alone. That there is hope. An endless amount of gratitude and thanks to Hopeless Records for this opportunity - to really grow this movement and get more boxes into the world and in the hands of those struggling."

Songs That Saved My Life looks to engage current artists with cover versions of those songs and share those stories with the world. This project benefits a variety of mental health and suicide prevention organizations. Currently, this project benefits Crisis Text Line, Hope For The Day, The Trevor Project, and To Write Love On Her Arms.

The compilation is available now at  

Songs That Saved My Life Track Listing: 

1. Neck Deep - Torn (originally made famous by Natalie Imbruglia)

2. Movements - Losing My Religion (originally made famous by R.E.M.)

3. Stand Atlantic - Your Graduation (originally made famous by Modern Baseball)

4. Dance Gavin Dance - Semi Charmed Life (originally made famous by Third Eye Blind)

5. Against Me! - People Who Died (originally made famous by The Jim Carroll Band)

6. Taking Back Sunday - Bullet With Butterfly Wings (originally made famous by Smashing Pumpkins)

7. Dream State - Crawling (originally made famous by Linkin Park)

8. As It Is - Such Great Heights (originally made famous by The Postal Service)

9. Oceans Ate Alaska - Shape of my Heart (originally made famous by Sting)

10. Too Close To Touch - Let It Be (originally made famous by The Beatles)

11. Dan Campbell & Ace Enders - Broom People (originally made famous by The Mountain Goats)

12. The Maine - Transatlanticism (originally made famous by Death Cab For Cutie)

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