303 Day 2017: New Local Music Playlist

Last year, we created a playlist for local music lovers to come together and enjoy any and all of Denver's talented musicians but for 303 Day 2017, we're doing things a little different. This year, we're showcasing some of the state's emerging artists and newest music released within the last nine months.

The Prelude Press x Catalyst Publicity Group - The Perfect Christmas Playlist

Instead making you sift through countless cheerful, holiday-themed songs to create your perfect Christmas playlist, we've partnered up with the team over at Catalyst Publicity Group and their artists to make things a little bit easier! Here are some carefully chosen, personal favorite holiday songs from Civil Youth, Ilana Armida, The Funeral Portrait, Famous Last Words and more!

The Prelude Press' Ultimate Summer Playlist

There is no better way to enjoy summer than hanging out with friends, basking in the sunshine and driving around with the windows down while singing along with your favorite upbeat, fun-loving songs. But since nobody wants to sit around all day creating a playlist of their favorite songs when they could be out enjoying themselves, we've taken on the task ourselves and are supplying you with the soundtrack of your summer!