Artist Playlist: The Virginmarys' Favorite Songs Of 2016

Artist Playlist: The Virginmarys' Favorite Songs Of 2016

The Virginmarys are gearing up to release their new album, Divides on May 6th, and just released their brand new single "For You My Love." While Divides promises to be a monumental release for the band this year, they're celebrating some of their favorite songs from 2016 so far with The Prelude Press! Listen to the playlist, created by Ally Dickaty [guitar/vocals] and Danny Dolan [drums] below. A full track by track walkthrough by Ally and Danny can be found after the jump! 

Fans can pre-order The Virginmarys' Divides now on iTunes and instantly recieve new tracks, “For You My Love,” "Moths To A Flame," "Into Dust" and "Motherless Land."

1. Mystery Jets - "Bubblegum"

Curve of the Earth is probably my favourite album so far from 2016. And bubblegum is the latest single so far... I really like the melodies on this one and love his voice :) - Danny Dolan 

2. The Kills - "Doing It To Death"

Return to form from the Kills!!! Love the Riff and as always Alison's vocals... Just a really cool track from a really cool band, with a seriously brilliant video to boot! - Danny Dolan 

3. John Grant - "Voodoo Doll"

Only really heard of john Grant's stuff in 2015 but since then been impressed with almost everything he does... Really really interesting melodies and arrangements this one has almost a nursery rhyme hook to the lead melody which I love. - Danny Dolan 

4. Mark Pritchard & Thom Yorke - "Beautiful People"

This has been my morning tune for the last few days and actually didn't twig it was Thom Yorke at first but it's a pretty perfect low-fi tune to wake up to. - Danny Dolan 

5. PJ Harvey - "Community Of Hope"

I think PJ Harvey is incredible, "Let England Shake" was one of the best albums I'd heard in years and I can't wait to get into this new one. This is the single that came out prior to its release. - Ally Dickaty

6. Royce Da 5'9" - "Tabernacle" 

I started listening to Royce Da 5'9" since the PRhyme album he did with DJ Premier. Love that he's rapping about his life now, his struggles and battles through alcohol and addiction in general. Ally Dickaty

7. MR. Lif - "Everyday We Pray"

I love the melody on this, it's really interesting, and together with Mr Lif's style and content it makes an amazing track. Ally Dickaty

8. Savages - "Evil"

We just missed seeing them in NY when we were there so will hopefully get to see them live sometime soon. - Ally Dickaty

9. My Morning Jacket - "Golden"

Really lovely song, always a pleasure to hear Jim James' voice, it's really beautiful. - Ally Dickaty

10. The Hyena Kill - "Crosses"

Happy to say that they are good mates of ours. This is a really powerful track, class riff and chorus and as ever really heavy drums. Ace song. - Ally Dickaty

11. Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart

We listened to one of Iggy's interviews about his career on podcast when we were on tour last. Really interesting stories and his sincerity makes it so cool to listen to. This is a great opening track from his new album with Josh Homme. - Ally Dickaty

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