Episode 013 - Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground are a four-piece stemming from all across the United States, hailing from central Colorado. Blake sits down with the band as they reveal the recording process behind their entire discography thus far and discuss the dynamic of their live performances. Discussion topics include the decline of the Detroit motor industry, awkward early gigs, and their upcoming plans to record a full-length album.

Episode 012 - Backseat Vinyl

Backseat Vinyl have just released their new single "Beach Pop," and stop by to chat with Blake about their history as a band and how it led to this point. The band discusses their rough studio beginnings and how their experience with producers has influenced their songwriting and the way the band works as a whole. Further discussion topics include live shows, the band's various relationships with music theory, and a variety of music from Linkin Park to vaporwave.

Episode 011 - Use The Sun

Use the Sun sits down with Blake fresh off of the tour in support of their debut full-length, ROYGBIV. The four-piece talk about their beginnings as a cover band and go through their evolution as songwriters and expanding their horizons through the studio. The band also delves into a few tracks from their debut EP, and onward to their brand new album. Further discussion includes new albums from Weezer, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean.

Episode 010 - Chess at Breakfast

Chess at Breakfast may be a relatively young band, but you wouldn't have guessed so from their mature, blues rock inspired sound. Blake sits down with the trio to discuss their latest release, "The Gutshalls" as well as their just finished tour in support of it. Discussion topics include self recording, life on tour, the influence of Jaco Pastorius on their sound, as well as the latest releases from Thundercat and Queens of the Stone Age.

Episode 009 - Alex Scott of Red Wall Audio

Alex Scott fell slowly into the Denver music scene, but hit the gas full throttle when he opened up a studio in his Westminster basement back in 2011. Since then Alex has recorded with over one hundred bands and has been garnering steam as a producer across the state. Alex stops by to chat about his experience going to school in Denver and working with local talent such as Aidan Grapengeter, Finding Common Ground, and Backseat Vinyl. Other discussion topics include his musical roots in drumming, touring with Postcards as their drummer, and new albums from Paramore and Kendrick Lamar.

Episode 008 - Aaron Saye/Sharone Borik

Aaron Saye has been a staple of Denver’s music community since reviving the DIY venue, Blast-o-Mat in 2012 and turning it into what is now known as 7th Circle Music Collective. Blake sits down with Aaron to talk about the state of punk music today as well as the importance of inclusivity in DIY culture. Discussion topics include the poignant honesty of Laura Jane Grace, touring with Denver locals, Screwtape, and the tragic fire at the DIY venue, Ghostship in Oakland last year.

Episode 007 - Meeting House

Meeting House are a Denver three-piece that have been gathering steam in the local circuit over the past few years. With the release of their new project, “Couch Surfer” around the corner, Blake sits down with Ethan, Destin, and Ryan to discuss their upcoming record as well as their previous self-titled, debut EP. The boys also cover ground in regards to the influence of politics on their art, booking difficulties due to young age, and new albums by A Tribe Called Quest and Childish Gambino.

Episode 006 - The Ephinjis

The Ephinjis are a Denver punk trio getting ready to release their debut album, The Unfortunate Life of Bob: A Guideline to Dying Amongst the Living. The band sits down with Blake to talk about tracking their new album in Arizona, the importance of good drummers in live performances, as well as albums from Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy. Three new songs from the upcoming record are also debuted on the show including their new single, "XVII."

Episode 005 - Roommates

Roommates are a Denver based four-piece that have been playing the local circuit for the past few years. Blake sits down with band members Franny and Alex to discuss their upcoming EP and their history as a band. Discussion topics also include lineup changes, favorite local acts and venues, and the latest records from Carly Rae Jepson and Radiohead.

Episode 004 - Patrick Garner

Patrick Garner brought local talent to the center stage when he started hosting shows in his basement, allowing young talent to display their original material when they wouldn't otherwise be able to do so. Patrick phones in for a quick chat to talk about his basement gigs, his former band, Houston's Problem, and his upcoming EP with his new group, Maddie's Changed.

Episode 003 - Wax Lashes

Matilde Vanfleet, or Wax Lashes has been playing her material around Denver for the past few years now. Blake sits down with her to discuss the music scene at large and debuts brand new songs from her upcoming album, Bones. Other discussion topics include The Black Actor’s Guild, black feminism in Beyonce’s Lemonade, the recently closed Strange Grounds Cafe, and her new band, Cult of Personality.

Episode 002- EMPRESS

Blake sits down with cholo goth rockers, EMPRESS, to discuss their latest EP, INK Pt. 1, and the band debuts a brand new song entitled, "All I Can Do." Discussion topics include auditioning musicians, working with producers, and the year in music so far. Prelude Press founders, Shannon Shumaker and Dom Vigil also stop by to discuss the origins of the magazine and why supporting local bands is so important.

Episode 001 - Aidan Grapengeter of Postcards

In the inaugural episode of the Prelude Press Podcast, Blake talks to Aidan Grapengeter of Denver pop-punk band Postcards about the band's upcoming album, My Departure. They also discuss artist censorship, 7th Circle Music Collective, and Aidan's side project, Little Car.